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When A Gemini Is Done With You (5 Common Signs To Tell)

Love is not about romance alone but also about heartbreak.

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Currently you’re having some issues with your Gemini lover and looking for a certain way to win his interest back. Well, you came to the right place because we’re going to get you covered!

What to do when a Gemini is done with you?

Here are signs an individual born under Gemini sign gives when he pulls back or simply feels no interested in you.

What Happens If Your Gemini Shuts You Down?

check out his behavior when losing his interest in you

If there are signs when a Gemini man falls in love with you, then there are also signs helping you figure out when he’s over you. Intentionally or not, this guy has displayed signals of him no longer wants to be in the relationship beforehand.

As a woman, you need to keep an eye on what he tries to showing you:

1. He is distant

How to tell when a Gemini is over you?

You will get a sense of him trying to pull back if both of you meet frequently. It’s like he is far from you all of sudden. Well, it’s understandable if he’s distant because of work or assignment; however, you should pay attention if there’s another reason.

In case he begins to ignore doing things he used to do when being around you, it’s the first sign he is slowly losing his interest in you.

2. He stops opening up

Another sign of this guy getting fed up with you is that he shuts down his own feelings

Both of you will have normal conversations, but you will easily spot the difference between his talk in the past and in present. Back then, he has the tendency of telling you everything – a Gemini loves to talk – from his personal issues to his emotions and more.

But, as soon as he feels stressed out because of you, he will close off all the feelings as he doesn’t want you to read his mind like before.

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3. He doesn’t care at all

Don’t expect a Gemini man to shower you with affections once he’s so done with you. 

The moment he pulls back, all the affectionate gestures will also disappear. No matter how sick you are, he won’t show up or embrace you with any of his caring acts. He will become a cold guy if he’s over you. In case you don’t realize his intention, he can do something further.

4. He seems dull

A relationship with the Gemini man is always full of fun – you hardly find a dull moment when being with him. Nonetheless, when he has lost his interest in you, he will become a dull person and there will be no fun between the two of you.

If your date with him before was interesting and exciting, then hanging out with him at this present will leave nothing but the emptiness. It’s like his body is with you but his heart is floating to somewhere else.

Actually all couples suffer from the boring time in their relationships.

Nevertheless, when you feel your Gemini is showing his boringness with you, then maybe you should get prepared to let him go. Don’t try to hold on this relationship, or he might bring much worse signs on the table when you two once get married.

5. He sticks with his freedom

The next sign is that he chooses to stay away from you right at the moment he realizes he has felt nothing for you. While he withdraws himself from the burdening relationship, he will get closer to his very close friends.

It looks like this guy is trying to make you feel jealous; indeed, he grows much attached to his social life after running away from his love life. Rather than staying alone and drowning himself deeply in depression, Gemini man finds the happiness and excitement by spending time with his buddies.

In Conclusion

As an air sign, Gemini man takes the relationship seriously as long as he meets the right person. Be able to provide him freedom, flexibility, and strong connection, and he will stay by your side for a long term.

Being with this guy is like riding a hot-and-cold roller coaster because he has a complex, unpredictable mind.

You can tell he is over you if he starts treating you like nothing. He can even give bashful comments about your looks and distance himself from you in most occasions if possible.

At his final limit, he will break up with you in a direct manner.


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