How To Communicate With A Gemini Man (With 3 BEST Tips)

You have a hard time opening up with your Gemini partner.

The guy born under Gemini sign is versatile, curious, mentally active, and talkative. He is a fun person to be with; thus, being with him in a relationship is like riding a roller coaster.

If you want to be with someone excited and full of surprise, then don’t hesitate to fall in love with the Gemini male. On the contrary, he’s not a good match if you’re the reserved, shy type.

Since he loves to talk but gets distracted easily, you need to make attractive conversations to catch his interest continuously.

How to communicate with a Gemini man?

Keep reading as this article will offer tips for dating Gemini!

3 Tips of Winning a Gemini Male by Words

making a gemini man love you through communication

#1: Be an attentive listener and engage him in conversation

Before making a Gemini express love, he expects some fascinating talks from you. During a conversation, show your attention – if you interrupt him too often or don’t listen or talk, then he would think you don’t enjoy or have interest in what he is saying.

Trying to engage him in a good conversation doesn’t mean you stressing yourself out to the extreme about finding the topic that can stir up his excitement. The Gemini male is creative and always comes up with fun things to discuss with you.

He is very curious and craves to learn new things; thus, you’re encouraged to share your wide knowledge to impress him. Engage him in a conversation in which he states his different perspectives because Gemini man loves to debate.

If there’s any issue between you and him, directly discuss it rather then hide it.

#2: Have more deep communication

Some women feel afraid of expressing their feelings towards the Gemini guy as they think he may pull back or walk away. The truth is: if he truly loves you and believes you’re worth his love investment, then it’s not easy for him to leave.

He will try to be reasonable in any situation. If you sincerely open up to communicate with him, he will for sure be an attentive listener to your story.

The Gemini male in relationships is not really good at dealing with emotional topics, so the best way to communicate with him is to take emotions out of the conversation. It doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your feelings, but please try to be a bit detached when you mention it. Talk in a calm way and add more logic because this guy loves intellectual discussions.

Some women tend to be emotional when approaching Gemini man and that explains why the relationship with him easily fails. Start an emotional talk and he may responds badly which could startle you.

Be honest when talking to him and he will be honest to you in return.

#3: Don’t quickly assume anything

Your Gemini man is secretive by nature, so don’t be surprised if he seems so private to you. He is not easy to share everything with you as it takes time; thus, never feel upset and assume anything quickly or he will soon pull away.

Most relationships with the Gemini often end up because of misunderstandings.

Maybe things he doesn’t want to talk to you are not really appropriate for you to hear; therefore, he decides to keep for himself. For example, perhaps he encountered his ex at the workplace and they had lunch together – not a big deal but you’ll surely be unhappy once knowing it.

It’s because he knows the way you’ll react and does not want you to conclude the worst, so he does not open up or share. To keep him from holding his feelings, you must tell him that you can handle whatever he tells you.

Final Thoughts

If you want a Gemini man to chase after you, remember not to fully reveal yourself. Be mysterious and he will feel more eager to unravel everything related to you. Try to bring something new and excitement to his daily life including the bedroom area, and he will fall head over heels for you.

He will be grateful to be with an open and adventure lady who has no fear whenever stating her opinions. If you aren’t the type of interested in exploring new thing and usually stick with the routine, you’re not the ideal partner of the Gemini.

Be spontaneous and open-minded once you’re around him!


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