Top 6 Truths About Gemini Men In Relationships (Read NOW!)

Being with Gemini men in relationships can be a challenge for most women.

Born under Gemini zodiac sign, these guys have versatile personalities making them extremely unpredictable. If you want a challenging romance, then pair with the Gemini male and you’ll be taken on an ultimate adventure.

You need patience and adaptability for a long-term relationship with a Gemini. He is cool, intelligent and witty and also has a huge love for things unexpected.

This man is a great match if you crave for a roller coaster ride in love.

Find out what it’s like to date a Gemini man.

Gemini Male Characteristics in a Love Romance

gemini characteristics male when falling in love

Gemini men often get attracted by the woman who is intellectual and has a great sense of humor. If you think they fall in love with your looks first and foremost, then you’re completely wrong. Indeed, they enjoy being with someone clever and able to make exciting conversations.

Make sure you can captivate his heart with your intelligence before the relationship between the two of you starts.

Keep in mind that Gemini guy is an attractive communicator and very honest as well as straightforward with his words; thus, he won’t cause any confusion once saying he wants to spend time with you. He never leaves you guessing as his face tells the whole story – his glowing eyes because of a heartfelt joy or his dark expression by depressing feelings.

Also, you might know that he gets bored quickly and feels fed up with routines; that explains why he usually falls out love in a short period. When he’s no longer interested in the current relationship, he won’t hesitate to walk away and pursue his new passions.

6 Things to Know When Dating Gemini Men

truths about dating a gemini man

1. You must get ready for changes

Not a single Gemini has interest for things called routine.

In fact, Gemini man will never get involved in a relationship boring and repetitious because he is the versatile type. If you want to maintain his attention on you for a long time, then you have to be fun and are willing to make changes.

Don’t think of traditional dates; instead, try to mix things up and surprise your Gemini partner in an unexpected way. Put your effort and sincere in the plan and he will appreciate deeply.

Variety can bring certain benefits to your relationship; meanwhile, it’s hard to be with a Gemini if all you need is consistency.

2. Gemini can be hard to trust

For ladies having trust issues, we think Gemini men are not an appropriate option to consider entering a love romance with. It’s not that he is dishonest, but his flirty nature and behavior will make you suspicious frequently.

Being with him and you’ll find yourself keep wondering to yourself: “Did he really mean that?” If this state happens in a long period, your mind will be filled with confusion and frustration.

He is a complicated person who’s hard to read.

A person who is over-analytical or has problems with trust from previous relationships may find Gemini man unreliable sometimes.

3. He is distant from his emotions

Gemini men in relationships have some traits hard to deal with, but the hardest one is to get them to open up. They are very complex when it comes to emotions; as a result, women often think these guys are unapproachable.

Indeed, the Gemini male does struggle with expressing his feelings; that’s why he deeply yearns for having someone truly understanding him.

If you want a Gemini man to chase after you or fall in love with you, you firstly need to be a good listener. Whenever he starts the conversation, be prepared to listen and you’ll obtain plenty of thoughtful insights regarding him. Showing your sincerity and attentiveness in everything he says can help build the emotional connection between the two of you.

He will put down his guard as long as you make him feel special.

Though it takes quite a long time for this guy to get attached with his emotions, your relationship will work out if you know how to cope with his distant behaviors. Once encountering the true mate, he’ll make an amazing lover.

4. He is not really dependable

Many claim Gemini men are not exactly reliable in relationships; nonetheless, it doesn’t mean they will disappoint you intentionally. The truth is: they actually have no awareness of how their words and actions affect others. Much worse, they sometimes just focus on themselves.

Sounds selfish, right? The Gemini male is a freedom lover and does not really give a damn to his surroundings. As his partner, make sure you’re not the needy or clingy type because he dislikes the feeling of being controlled or tied down. Be patient, independent, and self-sufficient in most situations.

From my experience, Gemini man does know that he is not the most reliable partner and does feel apologetic for it. Rather than making him feel bad for his Gemini horoscope qualities, it’s better to assist him in handling his problem.

5. He enjoys his life to the fullest

The guy you’re in love with is the happy and fun type and can make people around him excited and comfortable. He is likely the soul of every party; also, with the magnetic personality by nature, he enables to attract the crowd in any case.

However, in the aspect of love relationships, this trait would lead to a huge problem.

For those who expect something serious like faithfulness, you may get frustrated with Gemini, most likely because of his flirty nature. On the other hand, the man will feel stressed and pressured if being pushed for a commitment and gradually become detached. At the initial stages, he doesn’t want to engage in conversations about the future of your relationship.

Don’t mistake this as a sign he’s not caring; in fact, he just wants to live in the moment and does not think much about settling down.

6. He doesn’t care much about sex

Yes, sex holds not much matter to both Gemini man and Gemini woman!

Well, of course sex does matter to men; nevertheless, what I try to convey here is that the Gemini guy doesn’t want something too ordinary. His expectation is high – the actual sex must be full of excitement and surprise.

Remember that he hates routine; hence, be playful, not too comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Talking about Gemini men, women are impressed with his curious, affectionate, and gentle nature. These airy guys are also fun, sociable, and communicative but they can be thoughtful and serious at the same time.

The only certain thing about Gemini men in relationships is that his complicated mind makes him unpredictable. You will never know what to expect! He can’t stand of routine and has a huge need for variety and uniqueness.

Because of his requirement for excitement, he is unbearable to date.

Referring to Gemini compatibility, guys with Gemini sign can form an ideal match with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Meanwhile, they’re least compatible with Virgo woman, Capricorn woman, and Taurus woman.

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