When Is Gemini Man Jealous? – 5 Signs To Point Out!

Is Gemini Man Frequently Jealous in LoveIs gemini man frequently jealous in love.

Does the male born under the Gemini sign often get jealous?

In comparison with men of other zodiac signs, Gemini man is probably not the jealous type. On the contrary, you may be more jealous than he is.


He is truly a flirt when it comes to the romance. So, if you decide to be with a Gemini, be prepared to live with the insecure feelings as he can’t help flirting with other women.

Or, maybe he does not give you a hard time because he totally trusts you.

However, it doesn’t mean that he feels no threat when seeing other men approach you romantically.

This charismatic man loves and gets jealous in a unique way.

As independent as Aquarius, a Gemini man rarely displays his jealousy and possessiveness often. He, most of the time, does not really bother his partner with such matters.

Interestingly, things will change 180° if he truly has feelings for you.

So is Gemini man jealous?

Yes, a part of him is possessive like he will check you more than frequent. For instance, he would feel unpleasant once figuring out you spend much time for someone else not him.

Or, when you go out with friends, he is restless and unable to resist himself from asking where you may be going and who you may go with.

For women wanting to get involved in a relationship with this guy, it’s necessary to dig his complex character deeper.

Keep track of the following information to know exactly the reasons that could turn on his jealousy and possessiveness.

5 Signs Revealing a Gemini Man’s Jealous Side

So, what are Gemini men like if his jealousy are brought on the surface?

1. Unhappy when you talk about other guys

Do Not Talk about Other Guys with Your Gemini ManDo not talk about other guys with your gemini man.

How does a Gemini act when jealous?

Let’s test him by pretending to talk about the guy that you encounter on the street excitedly and observe his expression. If he suddenly becomes uncomfortable and unhappy, you can tell that he’s green with envy.

He was supposed to be the one having your attention entirely; nevertheless, he would get mad if having a sense of you moving your interest to another man.

Thus, avoid talking about a certain someone all the time. Of course a small description about how good your partner is or what you can do to make him laugh will never make him possessive.

Never learn to make a Gemini man jealous. The moment he found out that you are playing this game with him, he will feel upset with you, not the affair you are having with other men.

2. Get angry easily

He will Get Mad Easily When Feeling JealousHe will get mad easily when feeling jealous.

Although he is able to handle his jealousy from inside, the Gemini male will act like he is bothered with everything you do. But, from your viewpoint, you do nothing wrong.

The reasons making your man jealous can be anything, from the simplest to most unpredictable.

He is not pleased if knowing you spend a whole night participating in a party with friends or working over time. Before letting him drag you into any argument, I advise you to make a serious conversation with your partner.

Lively and always optimistic, he is not the type holding everything negative for too long; instead, he will listen to your explanation attentively. On the contrary, be subtle about a specific matter will harbor nothing but feelings of jealousy from him.

3. Pretend that he does not care

He will Never Admit His Jealousy and PossessivenessHe will never admit his jealousy and possessiveness.

A jealous Gemini man will act like he does not give a damn whenever seeing you speak with another guy.

The funny thing is – he is not good at making a poker face; therefore, his partner can immediately realize that he is obviously pretending.

In this case, this guy chooses to keep his feelings deep inside rather talking directly to you. But, everything has its limit – he cannot bottle up his jealousy forever. Pay attention to his attitude and see if he behaves weirdly all of sudden.

He could bring his disappearing acts on the surface or stir a conflict for no reason. You will know that your partner is insecure and jealous if he starts asking you to choose between him and the other guy.

4. Behave strangely around you

Gemini Man Acts Different From his Usual SelfGemini man acts different from his usual self.

When figuring out ways to attract a Gemini man, keep an eye on the way he acts when being with you to determine whether or not he is the jealous type.

Does he start to act strange around you?

Have you found himself when being with you different from his usual self?

One of the Gemini man possessiveness signs is that he behaves more aggressive once seeing other guys treat you with intimate gestures. Typically he is very confident in love; however, at certain times, he may feel insecure if feeling the closeness between you and someone not him.

If you notice that he is acting strange every time next to you, it’s possibly a sign he is jealous. Yet, be prepared that it’s also a sign of cheating.

5. Upset when others find you attractive

He will Upset if Hearing others Compliment YouHe will upset if hearing others compliment you.

Boyfriends will feel quite proud when hearing others find or praise their girlfriend attractive. They will then say thank you respectively and politely.

But, it’s not like that if your partner is Gemini.

When hearing other guys give compliments for your appearance or personality, he will act like nothing happens on the outside but will get upset inside. The moment he goes into a rage meaning his jealousy has turned terribly.

In Conclusion

A Gemini will never think little arguments or disagreements between two individuals in a love relationship as a big deal. He does not really have the tendency of getting jealous – this is the guy avoiding drama as much as possible.

He simply respects and trusts that you will never cheat on him.

But, Gemini man is secretly jealous sometimes.

When he becomes jealous, he has a habit of mirroring your attitude. If noticing that you do things on the phone privately, he’ll also start behaving as secretive as you. Seeing him like that will surely stir your curiosity, especially if you are an Aquarius woman.

The Gemini guy likes to talk; nonetheless, he will shut his mouth and barely say anything to you. This will make you feel very uncomfortable. Well, do not think of bringing it up as he will refuse to deal with it seriously.

It’s more than a challenge for him to admit that he’s secretly jealous.

How to know when a Gemini man is jealous – I hope you find the answer here!


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